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How to get a rat out of your bedroom

Rats can cause damage to your property if you leave them unchecked. Your bedroom can be a place where you keep your clothes and important papers. You should keep it safe from rats.

Rats in Your Bedroom

When a rat gets inside your cabinets, they can gnaw at your clothes and make them a part of their nests. If your cabinet is dark and warm, it can serve as an ideal home for the rats. It can be a problem to find little rats scurrying inside your cabinets. They can disturb your sleep and you might get a shock if you see a rat on your bed gazing at you one day.

They will chew on the electrical wires on lamps, air coolers or television sets. Chewing on the covers or insulation on wires can expose the copper inside them. This can cause short circuits or may even trigger a fire. Rats multiply fast. And that means you might find up to 5 of them playing inside your bedroom. This is a very unpleasant sight and you should remove them as soon as possible.

How to Get Rid of Rats

There is a lot of Do – It- Yourself option available if you want to get rid of rats. You can set snap traps with peanut butter as bait. Place the snap traps inside your cabinets, under your bed, along the walls, or on holes inside your bedroom. This is the easiest way to kill them. Use gloves when handling snap traps. Rats can immediately detect human scent in a food and will avoid them as much as possible. It is a myth that rats love cheese. It does not mean that they will not eat cheese, but they will only prefer it if there are no other options available. You should put sticky food so that the critters will not be able to remove them easily.

Do not use poison to remove the rats. The poison’s effect takes time. Rats can still have time to hide after they eat something poisonous. This can be a problem since you might have to inspect the inside of your walls in order to remove a dead rat. The stench of a dead rat is very unpleasant. You might want to employ professionals if the rat’s corpse can’t be reached easily.

Another effective way of removing rats is to block their entrances. Rats are nocturnal creatures and they are not easily seen. However, you can try to spread powder for one night in order to see where they are coming from. Rats are able to enter a whole even if it is one inch in size as long as their heads can fit in. Seal off entrances and close the door when you leave your bedroom.

You can use glue traps for small rats. They can get easily get caught in it and it is very hard to escape. Be careful when handling glue traps and live traps as rats can bite if they feel cornered.

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