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How to get rid of birds on the porch

The porches have the ability to be the favorite place of the house. In winter, it might be the place to enjoy sunbathing, and in summers it is the place to watch sunsets with a cup of coffee. Also, being the entering points, porches represents the whole look of the house. Birds always love to fly towards your porch, make their nests over there and they never miss to poop as well. This might create a mess out of your porch, which will not trouble you only but also distract the guests coming to your house and may present a bad image of your house. In order to overcome this problem, you should be aware of the methods or measures that could keep the birds away from your porch.

Measures to keep the birds away from the porch:

Eliminating birdhouses:

Birds have always found the places to build their nests or houses in your porch. These nests built by any one or two of the birds will result in the whole family in a few days. To keep your porch free of birds you should uninstall any nests made in your porch and cover the areas with blocking substances where they further can be made.

Deter the birds:

Deterring the birds with different measures will help you keep them away. There could be different methods to deter them for example; the birds don’t get so attracted to shiny objects so installing folic papers, CDs or other reflecting objects in your porch will help you keep the birds away from your porch.

High-frequency sounds:

Birds are afraid of high frequency and unnecessary noise-producing sounds. You can install some objects that produce a noisy environment to keep the birds away from your porch. Birds will never approach the place with high frequency and noisy sounds.

Layering Baking Soda:

Birds don’t like to sit in the baking soda; they get irritated by the feeling of baking soda under their feet. So putting a layer of baking soda on the places in your porch where you expect the birds to sit will help you get rid of them.

Keeping the cats:

Cats always give tough competition to the birds so birds always avoid coming to the places where there is a cat. Keeping a pet cat on your porch can help you restrict the birds to come towards your porch and create a mess.

Birds’ feeders:

Uninstall any sort of bird feeders from your porch to keep the birds away. As if there would be any meal for them they will surely head towards your porch again and again.

Bottom line

Birds are cute and are loved most, but they are messy too. Their feces would be so frustrating to manage and sometime they may mess out your peaceful evenings on your porch. They could be hard to bear but they are not too hard to get rid of.

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