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Natural deterrent for Armadillos

Armadillos are found in every size, from small to medium to the size of a small pig that weighs up to 54 kg and 150 cm long. Like moles, armadillos also have poor eyesight and use their strong sense of smell to explore food. They have heavy digging claws, which they use to dig burrows for making their home and for the sake of finding food. Most of their species live in open areas, including grasslands and forests.

Armadillos have very little fat storage and a low metabolic rate, which means that cold weather is their enemy. They live in warmer habitats, and they prefer to sleep in burrows in the ground to help maintain their warmth.

Now the question arises how are armadillos harmful and what are the natural ways to deter them effectively?

The major harm caused by Armadillos is that they are known to have bacteria that cause leprosy in humans, which develops and progresses slowly that damages the skin and peripheral nervous system.

Analyze the area of deterioration
As a digger by nature, they happen to be extremely destructive, no matter if they are burrowing your lawn either for shelter or for food. So, first and foremost, in order to find a solution to deter armadillos, you need to carefully analyze the area which is damaged by these critters.

Go for the best control option
After determining the area of damage, you have to choose the best control method accordingly. Every method plays a vital role in getting rid of armadillos, so it's very significant to bear in mind that the more control measures you adopt, the more powerful and effective your defense will be.

Reduce the enticement and inducement
As you are no doubt, aware of the fact that armadillos roam around in your yard in the hunt for food or to hide. Even though it is practically impossible to thoroughly remove each and every attractant, but you can still employ some techniques and strategies to make your yard less welcoming for armadillos.
Make certain to clean up food residues or fruit remainders, which are very major armadillos’ attractants.

Place a trap
By using a trap technique, you can easily apprehend armadillos manually. All you need to do is to place a couple of traps correctly to the fore of tunnel entrance. Create a "V" with wooden planks to funnel the armadillo towards the trap opening.

Natural repellents
Castor oil is one of the effective and natural repellents for armadillos that penetrates the ground and repels them. It creates an unpleasant smell in their burrows, making their underground food source (grubs, insects, etc.) distasteful and undesirable.

Boundary fencing
In order to get rid of them, you have to install a fence around your boundary, yard, and lawn. Your fence should be 2 feet (24 inches) tall and 6 inches into the ground to restrict them from your property. This is by far the best and accurate method to be proven for armadillos to not let them in your yard and garden.

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